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1.Panchayat Secretary deliberately included Jars in the license issues, when PCB (Pollution Control Board) had only sanctioned small Bottles & Caps manufacturing & not Jar manufacturing (RTI from PCB).

2.Per rules for all units above 5HP, different norms apply; Secretary gave permission for a 25.5 HP motor when he is not authorized to as per rules. (Information from LSG Tribunal Court Trivandrum)

3.Secretary has not followed the guidelines as mentioned in Panchayati Raj Act 232,233,234 & 254, whereas it’s using these same rules the license has been issues (Licenses copy submitted in High Court).

4.Pollution Control Board had clearly stated that there is bound to be air pollution as well as noise pollution. PCB has stated that studies should be conducted for ascertaining the health hazards before issuing the license. Panchayat Secretary has ignored this deliberately. (RTI from PCB).

5.Secretary issued the license based on a DMO report with Signature on both papers of the District Medical Officer (DMO) s order signed by different people and there was no Office seal on it. It’s strange that an order is not sealed, let alone the signature.

6.benchmark data on the ambient air quality, groundwater status and quality needs to be obtained at the cost of the owner, whereas PCB has called for such studies.(RTI information from PCB)

7.Secretary had not made sure Physical, Chemical & Biological Parameters of Soil should also be provided at the cost of the owner to set the benchmark before issuing the license when PCB has mentioned the same.

8.Secretary had not made sure that Report on Water Analysis should be obtained for benchmarking dissolved salts and other metals in the ground water.

9.Secretary had decided to ignore the fact that the unit stands on Wetland (survey numbers 93/6-1 & 93/7-1) and Conversion of Wetland for other purposes reduces the recharge area.

10.Secretary has deliberately ignored the fact that being wetland pollution gets directly in the groundwater and it’s irreversible and is a violation of the Paddy & Wetland Conservation Act 2008.

11. Secretary deliberately overlooked the part which calls for facility to dispose wastes as called for in the DMO report and irrational disposal of plastic will cause animal death.

12.Secretary had deliberately ignored the fact that Gradual but continued exposure of pollutants in ground water is irreversible.

13.Secretary and the Panchayat Standing Committee decided to overrule the ward member’s objection and hence the Ward member had to join the mass movement.

14.Secretary had overlooked the fact that this proposal was not kept in Gramasabha for approval.

15.Secretary had decided to overlook the fact that there is no project report yet submitted (RTI)


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