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This RTI send to The Public Information Officer, Village Office on the 13/10/11

Please provide the below information under section 2i(d)2j(iv)2f. of the RTI act
With respect to residents of Lakshmipuram Thoppu (Ward Number 13,Mukkom West, Mayyanad Grama Panchayat) Residents (LPT), kindly furnish the following details.

1.As per revenue village records, what is the Total area of LPT inhabited by the fishermen community.
2.How many households (permanent & temporary) are currently residing at LPT, provide details with house number, address, area & type of ownerships (pakka/temporary), type of houses, electrified or not.
What is the acreage of Purambooku land at LPT with the below as per the records. Panchayat, Others, NGOs, trusts & Individuals
3.Under which Government order are the LPT families being proposed to evacuate to the mainland.
4.Do provide a copy of the order as well as the priority list of allotees with respect to rehabilitation.
5.With respect to rehabilitation of Tsunami affected victims what are the working instructions, government orders & circulars received from Government & District Collector.
6.Was there a tsunami committee for the Panchayat. If so provide a copy of the order and the name & address of members of the committee.
Under which scheme is the LPT fishermen community being evacuated.
7.How is the evacuation of LPT residents linked with Kollam Thodu residents evacuation. Also provide the relevant order of government.
8.What is the proposal of the village officer/tsunami committee to utilize the land at LPT for the economic well being of the affected community.
9.National security implications
10.Provide the copy of the same(with respect to point 10) that has been forwarded through the Thasildar to the District collector.
11.What is the time schedule approved by the district Tsunami Committee to rehabilitate the affected community at LPT.
12.Under which costal police stations jurisdiction does LPT come under
What are the national security implication if the traditional fishermen are evacuated at LPT given that there is a lot of vacant stretch of land between Thanni & Porikkara, Paravur.
13.What are the alternate arrangements proposed for national security and the approximate financial commitment for watch & ward round the clock?
14.With respect to illegal sand mining, how is it proposed to be tackled in the event of evacuation of the fishermen community at LPT.
15.How many cases with respect to illegal sandming has been reported to the local police in between Thani & LPT in the last one year.
16.How many combined raids have been done with respect to illegal sandming in between Thani & LPT in the last one year.
17.What is the amount realized out of the sale of confiscated sand in the above mentioned stretch.
18.How many people have been penalized for illegal sand mining and the number of FIRs registered.


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