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Powerful home-made Medicine


A single recipe for several Ailments – The Actual Recipe

The above ingredients MUST be electronically weighed as proportion is very important. Each ingredient has to be dry roasted on very slow fire separately then all the 3 to be cooled, mixed and powdered and stored in a transparent bottle.

Everyday just before going to sleep 1 small teaspoon has to be taken with hot water.

It will remove all the unwanted waste toxins from the nooks & corners of the whole body and excrete out thru faecial matter in urine. After 3 months one excess fat and layers of tumors n wrinkles are removed.

Life will be free from diseases, healthy, pleasant, and cheerful. Diabetes remains under control.


- Reduce excess fat from the body
- Cure rheumatism, even extreme (hathilova)
- strengthens bones
- makes you energetic & invigorating
- makes eyes brilliant
- improves hair growth
- even long term constipation permanently cured
- increases blood circulation
- cures cough permanently
- improves heart
- makes you run like a horse
- improves memory
- improves upon deafness
- turns body back into shape after pregnancy
- strengthens teeth and enlivens enamel
- cleans up blood vessels
- maintains quality of blood
- removes impotency and new born baby will become brilliant
- increases resistance power against malaria, jaundice, typhoid,   cholera etc.

- makes one feel younger and increases life longevity

- gives relief from difficulties experienced by young women after  marriage (???)

- permanently protects one from diseases spread by water air or   weather

- improves digestion even when one has over eaten
- prevents heart attacks and helps in reducing bad cholesterol very  effectively

- makes your skin glowing pink and cures skin troubles like dryness  itching etc.

- relieves bad effects of tobacco / gutka
- with this remedy you can continue with the medicines you have    been taking

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