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Its long since we had an effective panchayat with good leadership and working systems. In todays age of computerised pancahayats, party functionaries still hold sway. With RTI & citizens charter every service shoud be made available to citizens as a previlage. Commission based ward members should be replaced with visionary ward members irrespective of party affiliations who will work for the development of the panchayat and make use of the various resources (schemes, land & funds) available under the rural development ministry.

Lets say bye bye to roads developed by party functionaries which will breakdown in 6 months:Lets say bye bye to ward members who makes a living out of illegal sand minning: Lets sat bye bye to ward members who are mere party stooges with minimum education:

Lets usher in a new era of youngsters who will bring in new leadership which sans indimidation: Lets usher in a new generation of ward members who are educated, apolitical, but dedicated for community service (karma): Lets usher in a Gram  Panchayat President who is not a proxy: Lets usher in leaders who are capable of understanding developmental issues with a perspective of sustainable development.

Lets all together join hands to carve a new path breaking avenue towards a better functioning Mayyanad Panchayat through our community bonding and that is Janasakthi for all.

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