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 Launched an Ambulance Service for Mayyanad Community

(Emergency Medical Service-EMS & Home Medical Service HMS)

Janasakthi in association with HELP Foundation, Elder’s Forum and Ashtamudi Hospital proudly introduce a dedicated Ambulance service along with a series of Medical assistance for people of Mayyanad. It is envisaged as an on call Ambulance service for emergencies/casualties at Golden Hour. A member’s family will get the assistance of a fleet of Ambulance service for emergency or for a careful Hospital Pick up, a team of trained Paramedical staff for Home Medical Service and a Family Doctor for taking care of the family Health.

Ambulance Service/Emergency Medical Service (EMS): This is an ambulance service on emergency/disease at door step to pick up the enrolled patient to the Hospital. This is operated (by a chauffeur trained in paramedical services and) with the help of a call center and the ambulances may be located at strategic points for easy access. Emergency equipments may be available in the ambulance and the nursing staff may either accompany or come directly to the patient’s residence for emergency care/first aid.

Inaugurated by Justice S Sirijagan along with him Chairman Janasakthi Dr S Mohan

Home Medical Service (HMS): is a service offered to our members who need medical/nursing assistance at home after discharge from Hospital or for any ailments which does not require Doctor’s consultation. It is not the doctor, but the authorized nursing staff will visit the patient at home for specified medical/nursing assistance. The Nursing staff may seek advice from the Family Doctor if situations demand. Paramedical team will visit home as soon as the registration for general observation and opening files for the family.

Family Medicine/ Doctor: This is an exclusive service offered to the members. This scheme offers a family health care monitoring service to member families and records will be maintained by the Family Medicine Department and the Database management Department. The paramedical staff directly report to the Family Medicine Department.

Call Center: This is the nerve center of all the above services and will be the point of contact. No consultancy service over phone will be given but general guidance may be given on emergencies like cardiac problems, accidents, burns etc.

For further enquries please call:

Janasakthi : 9249119903

Help Foundation : 0474-2556414

Ashtamudi Hospital : 0474-2534044


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