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Umayanallor Yela paddy field is completely under the possession of the Real Estate Loby through various benami holdings. This has been facilitated through active connivance with some Panchayat members of Mayyanad Gramapanchayat. There is a concerted effort being launched clandestinely to sanction roads and walkways bisecting the Yela into various pieces so that tractors and lorries can start bringin in mud for landfill. All along these planned roads (unofficially sanctioned internally) the paddy fields are brought over by the real estate lobby. This is a perfect insider job of a few Panchayat members of which one is an active real estate businessman.  As the Yela is spread over several wards, each of these gramasabha meetings has started to incorporate the initial steps for sanctioning the above said roads. The picture will be clear only if all the data is put together. Tons of money has been invested in acquiring this wetland/paddyfield by the real estate lobby together with the Panchayat administration being hand in glove. Data availed from the sub-registrar office brings to light the shocking narrative.                                                                                                                                                                                           Umayanallor Yela is one of the largest wetland (apart from being paddy field) in Mayyanad Gramapanchayat and Wetlands in their natural state bring substantial benefits to the society. A significant section of Mayyanad Panchayat starting from Thattamala, Kootikkada, Peedikamukku, Umayanallor, Pullichira, Alumoodu , Konnemukku, Mevaram, Kandachira & Mayyanad households get their well water (more than 5800 wells ) recharged from the Umayanallor Yela Paddy Field. The conversion of wetlands and molesting its wetland characteristics by extracting water and polluting the ground water, involves not only irreversibility in the environmental or ecological processes but also uncertainty.                                                                                                                                                                                       The fate of Kazhikuzhi & Panayil Yela should not be cast on Umayanallor Yela and Janasakthi here by through the Save Umayanallor Yela Campaign call upon all Mayyanadians to unite against the real estate lobby and the corrupt Panchayat Administration to safeguard our very existence. As we all know the belt from  Kottiyam to Kakkotmoola  is already short on drinking water. A Panchayat which is elected to safeguard us is working against us for a few quick bucks. If we don’t unite to save our Umayanallor Yela wetland Mayyanad is doomed forever. It’s time the Panchayat administrators provide some real time answers as to how the Panchayat Secretary has become central to this fatal plan along with the above mentioned members.

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