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Leadership is all about

1  Setting up standards & benchmarks for leadership

2  Rebuilding effective governance

3  To bring in policy discussions to the public at large.

4  To influence political parties in the right choice of candidates

5  Methods to counter corruption

6  To raise awareness in the society.

7  To bring Youths to the mainstream politics and work towards nation  building.







Our core objectives are

1  By uniting the public regardless of cast, religion, political differences etc

2  To make the public aware of their rights by giving them an opportunity, courage and the initiative to stand up against the political class who considers power as their monopoly

3  To be able to liberate and distribute the power equally back to the common man using the most effective medium in a very peaceful manner.

Some of these Questions and Answers will make you understand our objectives… 

What is the most important thing our society needs?

Genuine, transparent and effective leadership.

Where do we find these leaders?

These leaders exist in the population, but we have to find them, by giving equal opportunity it is possible to create  a new breed of quality leadership.

What are the rules for leadership qualities?

There are no set standards for leadership qualities, we need to define these standards and create a new breed of quality leadership!

Is the Public happy with the system?

Majority of our public is sick and tired of the corrupt political system we have, they are desperately looking for a change.


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