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  • Jun 24, 2014

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    Janasakthi Notice


  • Mar 01, 2012

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    The cheapest petrol in the world!

    10. Algeria: Algiers — Rs 15.72 per litre Algeria is one of the Africa’s biggest oil producers turning out an average of 1.2 million barrels a day. This flood of oil has pushed down petrol prices in the country to Rs.15.72 per litre, more than four times cheaper than the average pump price here in...

  • Jan 17, 2012

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    Comprehensive tax guide for NRIs

    Comprehensive tax guide for NRIs NRI GuideVer...

  • Dec 23, 2011


    Indian Government totally online !

    All Indian government office related links are available…. Obtain: *   Birth Certificate <http://www.india. howdoi.php? service=1> *   Caste Certificate <http://www.india. howdoi.php? service=4> *   Tribe Certificate <http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=8> *   Domicile Certificate <http://www.india. howdoi.php? service=5> *   Driving License <http://www.india. howdoi..php? service=6> *   Marriage Certificate <http://www.india....

  • Dec 02, 2011

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    Small survey and its findings about Incredible India 1. We live in a nation where Rice is Rs.40/- per kg and Sim Card is free. 2. Pizza reaches home faster than An Ambulance and The Police. 3. Car loan @ 5% but education loan @ 12%. 4. Students with 45% get in elite institutions thru quota...

  • Dec 02, 2011

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    Wake up !! Kerala!!

    The new map of Kerala is already prepared. Just waiting for the event to happen. We have leaders working hard to arrive at the actual human losses. The figure is worked out to 30 lakhs.  More assembly sessions are planned so that our legislators could be in the safe corner of the State. Sad no politicians will be entangledin the  death...

  • Nov 17, 2011

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    Heavy weight Wedding Bells!!

    You cannot call it a wedding, it’s more of a parade to show once wealth to the community, there is no tradition or religious belief. Which is quite sad to see our people have gone that low. They spend money on 50 girl’s for thalapoli, elephants and so on.  Those poor thalapoli girls get Rs...

  • Sep 23, 2011

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    ‘Janasakthi’ is a NGO which has been created uniting respectable citizens to act as an independent organization which sets stipulative standards and guidelines for regulatory purpose in promoting something called “good politics”.Our approach is’ KIP’- Knowledge, Interest & Practice and our strategy is ‘IEC’ Information, Education & Communication for realizing the objectives of our Mission....

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